Pipes and Bongs


A glass pipe or bong is a vesicle used to smoking tobacco or herbs. Some glass pipes are created through the blowing technique and are sculpted to unique and complex or simple shapes and colors. Unlike mass-manufactured clay pipes, a glass pipe is produced by an artisan and are completely unique and a one of a kind piece of art.

Today, glass blown pipes and bongs are a multi-million dollar industry. Most are still made by hand even in the individual factories. There are some however that are spun on a glass lathes, similar to wood-working lathes, so that the artisan can create large pieces. Unlike the past, modern glassblowing has become more advanced and complex such as creating double bubblers, diffusers, spill-proof twists, and even ice chambers, glass is more amazing than it ever been before. Many pieces are made with such beautiful craftsmanship that they are too cool to be used for anything other than decor.

The advancement of this kind of glassware was probably started by a man called Bob Snodrass. His unique technique involved coating, or fuming, the inside of the pipe or bong with vaporized silver created the color changing pipe. It wasn’t long till Tommy Chong came up with his own ling of glass pipe and bongs which created more popularity due to his celebrity status. This sparked more creativity for the new craft that goes beyond functionality and more like works of art.

In resent years, a thing called “Operation Pipedreams” made a mad a powerful impact on this art form. In 2003, Attorney General John Ashcroft sought to rid Americas’s drug uses which cost the United State 12 million dollars. The program put Tommy Chong in federal prison for nine months along with 54 others who got probation and fines. This effort made the glass and pipe and bong craft explode with creativity. As of today, more glass pipes and bongs are being made and displayed as beautiful works of art rather than just an object of functional use.

Incredible how something as simple as sand and heat could turn into a billion dollar industry many years later.Without it, it might be a very different world. Glassware from bottles and windows to pipes and bongs, are both wonderful works of art that are not just functions but also beautiful like humanity.